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Secret Revealed: This Could Be The Reason Why Princess Set Baba Ijesha Up



The allegations levelled against Olanrewaju James, a.k.a Baba Ijesha, are getting worse daily.

Presently, the Lagos state government has intervened by pronouncing at least four-count charges against the Nollywood actor; according to the law of Lagos State, Baba Ijesha violated sections 261, 262, and 263 of the state constitution, each of which carries a five-year prison sentence.

Princess Claims That Baba Ijesha Defiled a Girl In Her House.

Princess Claims That Baba Ijesha Defiled a Girl In Her House.

However, several squabbles have been among their colleagues in the industry, particularly as the artists have divided into two factions, with some supporting Baba Ijesha and others supporting the girls who were molested.

The fact remains that no Nigerian’s parent would be happy if such a thing happened to his or her daughter, but many Nigerian’s are now turning to blame the Princess who has taken the bull by the horn for escalating the matter beyond expectations.

However, the secret currently circulating among Nigerians is that the Princess purposefully set Baba Ijesha up because Baba Ijesha had denied their marriage agreement.


It is imperative to note that Baba Ijesha was guilty of child molestation seven years ago when the Princess’s marriage failed.

During that period, something came up between the Princess and Baba Ijesha, who later secluded himself from the Princess for a reason known to him.

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According to the source, the Princess would not let go of the scenario; thus, she planned to take revenge, and the only way to do that was to implicate Baba Ijesha.

I know that many people would say this is a fabricated story, but before we argue, please let us ask Princess some questions, and I would like her to answer pointedly.

Is it true that she had an affair with Baba Ijesha in the past?

Why did she support Baba Ijesha to go back to school?


Why did she ask Baba Ijesha to come to her house? Nigerians, let us be wise. We might admit this to be a fabricated story, but all these questions are relevant.

Why did the Princess leave Baba Ijesha behind with the little girl?

Only someone with sufficient mastery of this world would admit that the Princess knew what she was doing and that what she desired was what was happening to the man.

As for Baba Ijesha, he is guilty of child molestation. He made many mistakes by allowing the devil to have his way in his life, but I know all the hidden truths about his setup will be revealed sooner or later.