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Oyo State: 2 citizens were killed by Customs on Salah Day (Video)



Nigerian customs officers have become brutal to humanity in recent days, and the Nigerian government must take this seriously.
It is worth noting that some towns near the Nigerian border house people who have been subjected to customs brutalities.

Recently, the community of Iseyin in Oyo state witnessed the most heinous brutality of Nigerian customs officers when two people were killed during the Salah day celebration.

Oyo State: 2 citizens were killed by Customs on Salah Day (Video)

According to a video shared by BBC news Yoruba here, the customs are known for chasing rice smugglers in the town of Iseyin, which is about 200 kilometers from the Nigeria border, but on this particular date they were chasing the smugglers and thus shooting sporadically, and it was a stray bullet that killed two residents of the city.

The mother of one of the deceased, Mrs. Gbadegesin, spoke to BBC news Yoruba, that they were getting ready to start the Salah celebration when the news came that her son Timothy was shot while he was fixing his motorcycle tires.
The deceased has three children and two wives. This made the mother lamented that she is confused because she doesn’t know who will look after his children and wives.

Oyo State: 2 citizens were killed by Customs on Salah Day (Video)

Another Iseyin resident, Abdurasheed Azeez, whose younger brother was also killed during the deadly incident, stated that his brother, who was killed during the sporadic shootings of the customs, still has a father who relies on him for sustenance, and the most shocking part of his story is that his wife was just put to bed not long ago.

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The king of the land, Oba Doctor Abdulganiu Salau, explained that it is very bad for Nigeria’s customs to continue in that manner because many communities are closer to the border and none of them is witnessing the brutal experience that Iseyin is witnessing because the customs have turned Iseyin into a war zone.

Alhaji Rasaq Tijani, one of the town’s chiefs, also contributed to the story by condemning the actions of the Nigerian customs, saying that most people who are dying are innocent people because many of these people will be doing their own thing when they are hit by a stray bullet and die instantly.

The King of the Land, Oba Abdulganiu Salau, the Aseyin of Iseyin, have now concluded that they do not want customs in their land again and he has instructed his people to refrain from renting out houses to customs because their threats are too worrisome, and it is better he stops them in town before their actions become worse.

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