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Let’s Kill All These Nigerian Evil Political Appointees



It is a usual thing for a citizen to face maltreatment from the so-called political appointees. Apart from the fact that the Buhari-led administration is the worst ever, a series of oppressions and egregious acts by the political bigwigs is another thing to write about.

Political oppression in Nigeria has a history as old as Methuselah; if I try to tell you how it all started, it will take days. We won’t be able to leave, but I will explain how the evil political appointees have recently bedeviled some Nigerians.

Let's Kill All These Nigerian Evil Political Appointees

Danladi Umar and security men

Apart from their financial maneuvering, their populace assaults are mind-boggling. Just recently, a certain lunatic named Danladi Umar, who Buhari appointed as the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, molested a Nigerian at his workplace in Banex Plaza, Wuze 2, Abuja.

Because of the instructions he followed from his boss, the young Nigerian instructed Danladi Umar’s driver never to park at a portion in the aforesaid place, but these evil people were reticent because Danladi Umar was in the car, which resulted in the molestations of this young Nigerian faced; the young man was slapped four times, and one of Danladi’s entourage pummeled his bell.

In 2019, the convoy of Fayemi’s wife killed three Nigerian students who were protesting over a condition which they regarded as unbearable to their wellbeing. The next day, Fayemi, the governor himself, denied his wife’s involvement, who was present when those students were killed.

Let's Kill All These Nigerian Evil Political Appointees

AbikeDabire Erewa’s convoy and the dead Jonah

In 2020, AbikeDabire Erewa’s convoy killed a young Nigerian with no remorse.
In the same 2020, the personal aides of Femi Gbajabiamila killed a Nigerian vendor in Abuja. There was no remorse from Gbajabiamila or his aides.

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Just recently, a certain Dr. Doyin Odebowale slapped a woman at an open gathering. The woman fell to earth in front of everyone in Akure, the capital of Ondo state.


All this is happening because all these barbaric appointees have thought of themselves as being God.
According to the people of Akure, Odebowale has never been happily dealing with women ever since he became a senior adviser to the governor of the state.

Let's Kill All These Nigerian Evil Political Appointees

Odebowale and the woman he slapped

Before this present case, the people of Ondo state had written several petitions against him, demanding that he should be removed due to his misogynistic activities in the state.

Nigerians need to understand that this country is lawless, and the need to kill all the political appointees is essential.
The term “to kill” does not imply direct killings. Still, we must try to actualize our freedom from them all by protesting against their nefarious activities because the majority of these political appointees are filled with discord, ignoramus, and high falutin dispositions.

All we have to do is kick against them whenever we see their actions, especially since this Doyin Odebowale has aggravated his rage by slapping a married woman.

In any other country, such as the United States, England, South Africa, or even Ghana, I’m sure he would never get away with it. Still, it will always happen unless we learn to kill the evil political appointees because we live in Nigeria.