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DSS – Buhari’s detractors planning to disintegrate Nigeria



In a report, the Department of State Services knocked those that call for the President’s resignation, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd. ), because he has not taken any action to solve the country’s security crisis.

DSS - Buhari's detractors planning to disintegrate Nigeria security

P. MBuhari

In response, the government referred to detractors as misguided elements and charged that they were a threat to the country’s government, sovereignty, and corporate existence.

President Buhari had been criticized for his failed efforts to address the security crisis, particularly the Boko Haram insurgency, kidnapping, and banditry.

Likewise, Buhari’s erstwhile supporter, Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka, of the Adoration Ministry, has urged the National Assembly to impeach the President for incompetence if he does not resign.

DSS spokesperson Dr Peter Afunanya says he believes there was a specific end goal in mind for the President’s abuse so that the country could disintegrate.

DSS released a statement on Sunday titled, “DSS supports indivisible, united Nigeria.


Warns against unsavoury, inciteful utterances,” which said it noted the sect’s “desperation and penchant for collaborating with external forces against Nigeria.”

According to the secret police, “The Department of State Services as a result of this condemns the clear-cut statements made by misguided elements that continue to threaten the government, sovereignty, and corporate existence of the nation.”

“There have been unnecessary vituperations and actions of religious and past political leaders who call for an immediate change in government or mass protests against it.”

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They mainly aim to cause the country’s disintegration, and we believe they are doing just that.”

“It is unfortunate that those leading this movement are honorable individuals who, instead of trying to wreck the nation, are allowing their own personal ambitions to ruin it.”


In addition, “the Service is aware of their desperation and preference for joining forces with external forces against Nigeria.”

“Although free speech is an essential component of democracy, it must not be used to justify reckless pronouncements that would undermine security,” Afunanya told the group.”

It was observed that citizens’ votes remained the vehicle for change in a democratic society, and “self-centred individuals and groups” were warned against activities inimical to freedom and peace in the nation.

Furthermore, the report urged influential personalities to monitor emerging conditions and refrain from using divisive and inciting utterances that may cause a breakdown in law and order.

The Service recently invited and cautioned some individuals who denied that they mentioned previous statements or claimed that they had been quoted out of context.


Using words in public but turning in secret to retrieve them after causing damage, such individuals and their co-travellers should be regarded as dangerous,” the statement said.

In support of a united Nigeria accordant to the Constitution, DSS continued, “we will no longer tolerate deliberate machinations by groups whose agenda is to overthrow the country in order to serve the interests of their sponsors.”

Service will work with other law enforcement and security agencies to maintain stability and ensure internal security.