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Comparing The Ikorodu Bois And The Ikorodu Cult Boys



There is no doubt that the Ikorodu boys have achieved enormously due to their literary ingenuity, which has spread throughout Nigeria.
The Ikorodu boys is a unique name that represents the young Nigerian brothers who are known for mimicking the gestures of notable Nigerians and even international individuals and outstanding international actors.

Comparing The Ikorodu Bois And The Ikorodu Cult Boys

Ikorodu Bois and baba Jide Sanwolu

Their literary creativity has earned them a name, fame, and international awards. Their current achievement is that they met with the Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, in the Lagos state governor’s office.

On the contrary, I recall that Ikorodu is one place where cultist activities are prevalent in the present.
There are myriad stories of deadly activities of the cultists in this Lagos state community.

It has gotten to the point that the Lagos state government has deployed several military personnel to several areas where the bad boys are terrorizing the Ikorodu residents.

Despite all the bad boy activities, we still have a good thing to talk about some other boys that are known as the Ikorodu boys. In that case, it will benefit all bad boys in Ikorodu if they can emulate the character of the Ikorodu boys rather than becoming a nuisance to their community.

What do they stand to gain by thuggery and to disturb the peace of their society when at least many of them have been killed, many are facing trials, some are in prison, and many have fled from the community, either for fear of being killed or of being arrested by Nigerian police who are looking for them?

Comparing The Ikorodu Bois And The Ikorodu Cult Boys

Ikorodu Cult Boys

Apart from the fact that they will have no peace of mind because they are a threat to society, they are also a disgrace to their family. They are not useful for themselves compared to the Ikorodu boys who live the life of a good Lagosian by adding value to their name, families, society, Lagos state, and entire Nigeria.

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Presently, the Ikorudu boys have traversed the sea with their unique creativity. They have received an international nomination for a kid choice award from Nickelodeon kids. They are found on the billboard in Times Square, New York.

After replicating the Netflix Spanish film Money Heist, they receive a eulogy from Sergio “The Professor” Marguing in April 2020.
They were invited to the premiere of the Netflix action movie, Extraction 2, the movie thriller which they once imitated.
At the premiere, they received different gifts, which were High-Tech Cameras, Boom Microphones, Tripods, Voice Recorders, and even an Apple iMac Computer.

Comparing The Ikorodu Bois And The Ikorodu Cult Boys

ikorodu bois and steve harvey

This is the reason why the governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, honoured them by inviting them to the governor’s office.

What honour would be bigger than that?
It is high time all the Ikorodu bad boys rethink and choose a wonderful lifestyle and start thinking of doing better things just as the Ikorodu boys have brought good name to the Lagosians Nigerians at large.
There is nothing one would gain from being a bad boy. Being a cultist or living like a thug will earn you nothing other than a bad name and sudden death.