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Baba Ijesha’s Saga: See How Woman Condemned Iyabo Ojo For Taking The Case Too Serious (Video)



It is noteworthy that the case of the Nigerian comic actor, Baba Ijesha, who was accused of molesting a minor, is getting different daily.
Numerous Nigerians who have heard about the case have been clamoring for justice, but some Nigerians are arguing that the case is somehow an implication that was arranged by the Princess.

Baba Ijesha's Saga: See How Woman Condemned Iyabo Ojo For Taking The Case Too Serious (Video)

Iyabo Ojo and the unknown woman

Thus, a certain lady known for criticizing several Nigerian celebrities came online to condemn the involvement of Iyabo Ojo, who had been the backbone of Princess, the prosecutor of Baba Ijesha, and the woman criticized Iyabo Ojo, who had been doing as though Baba Ijesha should be murdered for the crime.
According to the woman, Iyabo Ojo needs to be careful because numerous Nigerians are not interested in how she’s taken the bull by the horn. What she’s doing is beyond expectations.

Iyabo Ojo stated in several videos about the matter that she would sell whatever properties she had to pursue justice, indicating that she felt the pain of the young girl molested, but some Nigerians are no longer in her exacerbated actions, which is why she may have come out to say different things that she had a purpose in bringing Baba Ijesha down.

In the video, this Nigerian woman stated that she did not want to say anything about Iyabo Ojo’s actions, but it was the actions of a certain young lady that compelled her to do so; she now played the voice of the young lady who sent a voice note to her, and we were hearing the voice of a young lady who was cursing Iyabo Ojo, saying she is not the only one in the film industry, and why is it that shes is the only one showing more interest in the case.

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She said the Nigerian government must judge. Why can’t they leave the case to the government?
In that case, the video suggested the minds of several Nigerians who are no longer interested in how Iyabo Ojo has taken up the case; the truth is that over seven thousand petitions have been raised against Baba Ijesha in the case, so Nigerians believed that was enough to deal with the culprit; however, Iyabo Ojo continues to demonstrate that the case concerned her the most.


In short, I will implore Iyabo Ojo to stay away from the case because the case has taken up already, no matter the actions of the supporters of Baba Ijesha, be it Yomi Fabiyi, Bukky Black, and others, no one can stop justice.