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Baba Ijesha Should Be Treated Calmly Because These Evidences Prove That He May Not Be Guilty At Court Of Law



Baba Ijesha Should Be Treated Calmly Because These pieces of evidence Prove That He May Not Be Guilty At Court Of Law.

I know that Nigerians are fully aggressive against the Nigerian comic actor named Olanrewaju James with the sobriquet “Baba Ijesha.”
His case that he sêxuælly molested a girl 14 years old is quite disturbing, but there are things I will have to bring the Nigerians to in the video released.

Baba Ijasha please forgive

Baba Ijasha, please forgive

The punch newspaper has released the video that the Nigerians expected to see today, but to me, there is nothing too disturbing in it.
If all that happened in the video is what Princess (The Guardian of the Girl) and Iyabo Ojo, the prosecutors, rely on as evidence, we can admit that Baba Ijesha only attempted to carry out the deal, but he did not complete it.

Again, there is every possibility that what happened to Baba Ijesha was planned for a reason.
According to the video, the princess and a group of about two or three boys left to live indoors with Baba Ijesha and the girl, implying that they intend to indict the actor by leaving him behind.
In another video, Baba Ijesha was seen pleading while his clothes were still on, and, according to the video, everything happened that same day.

This means they went to stay somewhere and later came back to inspect the camera which had been set to record the act.
Now, all I can see in the video is Baba Ijesha kissing the girl’s hand and holding her hand; none of his clothes were off at the same time, the girl’s clothes remained, and there was no erection throughout the video, so how can we admit that he was guilty of the crime?
I’m only saying this based on what the video shows, and I believe the court will only consider evidence; I know he may be guilty of foreplay, but there was no further play, according to the video.

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If we go into the abyss of the case, the case is not even raping as Nigerians claim. Ræpe can only occur when there was a forced attempt to have carnal knowledge of a female, but the video depicts closeness between the girl and Baba Ijesha.

The girl herself should be blamed, and any girl that is experiencing that without telling people around her should also be blamed because it is her right to tell people around her what is happening to her. By the time she raises the alarm, that is when the case can be tagged ræpe.
In short, I will only beg the Lagos state government to tamper with the case with mercy if what happened in the video is not more than what we saw.
The man can still be pardoned or made to suffer a little, but he cannot be sentenced to life in prison, as the Lagos state law states in sections 261,262 and 263 of the Lagos state law that anyone found guilty of sêxuælly molesting a girl child should be treated.