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Ashawo or Olosho is better than a girlfriend, do you agree?



It does not matter whether you agree with me or not; Olosho is way better than some of your girlfriends. Some girls, the moment you started dating them, the billing as start.

Ashawo or Olosho is better than a girlfriend

It was about time for my mom’s birthday; she was in the hospital, and my brother was in a police cell who needed bail money. I needed a couple of 5k urgently. But, an Olosho or Ashawo won’t bother you with that.

Why do you think Olosho or Ashawo is better than your girlfriends?

Women who work as prostitutes/Olosho are the cleanest on Earth. Their STD rate is similarly low. However, most girlfriends carry STDs and share them. Some girlfriends are so unhygienic.

For a limited period of time, Olosho charges 1K.


Put one thousand nairas per 31 days into a tally. Then you will get 31K naira only.

Ashawo or Olosho is better than a girlfriend, do you agree?

Ashawo or Olosho

The point is, you can’t be having s*x every day, so you’ll have to spend just 10K a month on s*x. Do you get what I am saying now?

Yet, it is the girlfriend you spend above 50K a month on…hair, nails, cream, soap, clothes, family and personal problems, etc. In the end, she breaks up with you, moves in with another man.

Now let me ask you – which would be better for you for a relationship? Is it a girlfriend or an Olosho?

On the other end, Olosho is 5000 for three hot rounds with different styles. You have the right to doggy style, touching the breast and sucking the brea$t if you so wish. You can also ki$s.

Ashawo or Olosho is better than a girlfriend, do you agree?


Ashawo is N500 per round. If you are a customer, she will reduce it to N300. If you go to her with a polite face, she goes to reduce it to N200. If you get a new scope and a better OT, it is FREE!

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The answer is yes or no.
A significant study has shown that sleeping with Olosho or Ashawo is better than committing to a girlfriend.