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Ashaw@ or Ol@sho is better than a girlfriend, do you agree?



It does not matter whether you agree with me or not; Ol@sho is way better than some of your girlfriends. Some girls, the moment you started dating them, the billing as a start.

Ashawo or Olosho is better than a girlfriend

It was about time for my mom’s birthday; she was in the hospital, and my brother was in a police cell who needed bail money. I needed a couple of 5k urgently. But, an Ol@sho or Ashaw@ won’t bother you with that.

Why do you think Ol@sho or Ashawo is better than your girlfriends?

Women who work as pr.ostitutes/Ol@sho are the cleanest on Earth. Their S.T.D rate is similarly low. However, most girlfriends carry S.T.D.s and share them. Some girlfriends are so unhygienic.

For a limited period of time, Ol@sho charges 1K.

Put one thousand nairas per 31 days into a tally. Then you will get 31K naira only.

Ashawo or Olosho is better than a girlfriend, do you agree?

Ashawo or Ol@sho

The point is, you can’t be having s*x every day, so you’ll have to spend just 10K a month on s*x. Do you get what I am saying now?

Yet, it is the girlfriend you spend above 50K a month on…hair, nails, cream, soap, clothes, family and personal problems, etc. In the end, she breaks up with you, moves in with another man.


Now let me ask you – which would be better for you for a relationship? Is it a girlfriend or an Ol@sho?

On the other end, Ol@sho is 5000 for three hot rounds with different styles. You have the right to doggy style, touching the breast and sucking the brea$t if you so wish. You can also ki$s.

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Ashawo is N500 per round. If you are a customer, she will reduce it to N300. If you go to her with a polite face, she goes to reduce it to N200. If you get a new scope and a better OT, it is FREE!

The answer is yes or no.
A significant study has shown that sleeping with Ol@sho or Ashaw@ is better than committing to a girlfriend.

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