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Young Mum Starver’s baby to death – left her daughter home for six days



A teenager mommy left her infant to starve to death while she moved to some six-day bender because her 18th birthday had supposedly abandoned her daughter several occasions before.

Starver's baby to death

Verphy Kudi (image credit twitter)

Verphy Kudi, today 19, pleaded guilty to manslaughter after she had been captured on CCTV footage, leaving her house in Brighton alone – leaving her daughter Asiah behind. This past year, a court heard how she’d gone the tot over 11 times.

The first episode was two weeks before the toddler’s died in December 2019, the Times reports.

Prosecutor, Sally Howes QC, told the bond hearing in mid-October 2019; on the first event, it was apparent to employees that Kudi had abandoned her infant alone, and she had been spoken to.

Starver's baby to death

Kudi and her daughter Aisha when she was alive (image credit Twitter)

There were seemingly another 11 events when she abandoned the infant unsupervised for both long and short periods – like when she died. Seven of those events are treated as”cruel” by the prosecution.

The YMCA DownsLink Group, which conducts Gocher Court, affirmed that staff in the center were”informed of a protecting incident” between Kudi.


The charity also said: “The incident was known to the applicable authorities at the moment.

“Kudi’s family asserts nobody had contacted them, and it had been the very first time they had heard about the continuing situation in court.

Data accumulated by Sussex Police revealed that Kudi had attended celebrations in London, Coventry, and Solihull throughout the six-day bender for the 18th birthday.

Starver's baby to death

Aisha – Kudi daughter (Credit Twitter)

After she returned home, she left a 999 call stating her infant wouldn’t wake up.

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Small Asiah was rushed to Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Post-mortem results discovered that her child was dehydrated, starved, and died from negligence.


Kudi pleaded guilty to manslaughter when she looked in Lewes Crown Court between December 4 and 12.

She was expected to stand trial later this season. However, the prosecution approved her plea, and she also will face sentencing on May 28.