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Wear Hijab If It’s Going To Save You from bullet ‘CAN’ to Military Ladies



The Christian Association of Nigeria states the Armed Forces and para-military organizations from the country can allow female officers to use the Islamic veil, popularly called a hijab, whether it will protect them from bullets in the battle.

Wear Hijab If it's Going To Save You from bullet 'CAN' to Military Ladies.

Wear Hijab If it’s Going To Save You from bullet ‘CAN’ to Military Ladies.

CAN General Secretary, Joseph Daramola, said this in a private interview with The PUNCH on Thursday. He responded to a bill pending before the House of Representatives that attempts to induce military organizations to allow female officers to wear hijab.

The bill, also known as the Religious Discrimination (Prohibition, Prevention) Bill, 2020 that has passed the second reading in the House, has been sponsored by the House Committee on Finance and Member representing Bida/Gbako/Katcha Federal Constituency, Saidu Abdullahi.

Article 13 of this bill titled, ‘Discrimination in job insecurity and other industries,’ prohibits the military from discriminating against anybody wearing a hijab.

Discussing with The PUNCH, the CAN general secretary stated in a state like Afghanistan, army ladies don hijab, including that the dilemma of hijab shouldn’t divert the lawmakers against the actual problems of governance, security, and economic wealth.


Daramola stated, “If they prefer, they could wear skirt or agbada (flowing apparel ). If you go into Afghanistan, their army ladies wear hijab. That’s no problem.

If hijab can help them deflect bullets in the battle, make them use it if this is what they need. Don’t worry about unnecessary issues.”

The Christian body had previously called on the National Assembly to suspend the bill, describing it as”ill-timed and uncalled for.”CAN have said, “To what extent does that contentious bill want to promote peace, order, and decent governance?

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Has dress code eventually become a part of the Exclusive Legislative List?”While the taxpayers anticipate the National Assembly to make laws that will tackle the lopsided appointments, insecurity, unemployment, and financial situation, our lawmakers are thinking about making laws that promote one faith.

It is completely unacceptable in a nation with numerous religions.”Hijab, a veil worn by Muslim girls, is becoming a contentious issue in Nigeria.


For example, in Kwara State, an effort by the authorities to inflict hijab on Christian missionary colleges is being resisted with the in-grant Christian colleges.