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We have handed Over Mary Daniel, The 26-year-old Amputee, To Her People – Lagos Government



Lagos State government denies news that said they handed 26-year-old amputee hawker Mary Daniel to the police.

An interview with BBC Yoruba reveals that Gbenga Omotosho, an official from the state information ministry. said: “the story is not true and no appropriate actions should be taken to hand her over to her kinsmen.”

Mary Daniel, The 26-year-old Amputee

Mary Daniel, The 26-year-old Amputee

On Wednesday evening, a rumor came in that the Lagos state government as hand Mary over to the police. The story also claims that Mary’s father didn’t die as she claims before.
According to Omotosho, the entire story is untrue.

He also contends the government has no right to hold the money contributed to Mary by Nigerians since her viral video broke on social media. He states that he is taking steps to protect her from people trying to take advantage of her.

How do you call this video?


Mary Daniel: Amputee hawker

During an interview with BBC Pidgin after her pictures went viral. Mary “said she lost a leg when she was 11 years old after an accident that killed her father and mother.”
She revealed she has one baby and an old grandma that she takes care of.

Her efforts stirred the hearts of many Nigerians, and they began donating money to her, which eventually reached 25 million nairas.

Mary Daniel, The 26-year-old Amputee

Mary Daniel, The 26-year-old Amputee

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