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Video: Villager gather to wake the dead in bizarre ritual – India



The Most Strange footage shows Heaps of villagers surrounding a recently Dead Person’s corpse before chanting, Thumping his chest, and covering him.


wake the dead

wake the dead

This is the strange moment villagers encircle a deceased corpse as part of a”wake the dead” ritual. Footage shows locals attempting to attract recently dead person Rabi Nahak back to life by thumping on his torso.

As they do this, a bunch happens to God while some bang utensils and ring bells.

The clip then reveals Rabi being covered by what looks like a flag covered in blossoms.


A guy then approaches and pours a jug of water on the flowers and right onto his face.

Throughout the movie, the villagers are observed stretching out the corpse before putting in more water.

Additionally, they sweep a large object covered in black cloth over the entire body many times. The baffling scenes happened in the village of Odisha in Eastern India. Mr Nahak, by the local Singarpur village, had recently fallen ill and has been declared dead after being rushed to hospital. But rather than taking him into a crematorium, his relatives decided to attempt and revive him within this ritual.

Despite many efforts, the villagers were ineffective in their attempts to revive the guy.

wake the dead

waking the dead

Even though Mr Nahak was not brought back from the dead, additional individuals have recently shared their extraordinary tales of near-death experiences.

A woman who had been clinically dead for 37 seconds lately claimed she”watched her body from over.”Stephanie Arnold, who stated she experienced premonitions from the lead-up for her temporary departure, also promised she”watched spirits anywhere,” including her dead relatives. And one specialist recently attempted to answer the age-old question of precisely what happens once you die by suggesting individuals don’t have an”out-of-body” encounter.

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