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See The Tribe That Is Destroying The Peace Of Nigeria, The Evil They Have Done And How To Stop Them



Nigeria has been facing a series of crises in recent times, and many souls have been wasted, yet the evil leaders stay behind and let it happen.

We do not need to deceive ourselves. Some tribes are destroying the peace of Nigeria. In this piece of writing, I will expose the evil, what they have done and how we can stop them before they destroy the nation entirely.

See The Tribe That Is Destroying The Peace Of Nigeria, The Evil They Have Done And How To Stop Them

The fact remains that Nigerians are diverse, with numerous tribes and languages. Still, one thing about God’s supernatural power is that each tribe has its language and prefers a location where you can see them, i.e., each tribe has its land.

In Nigeria, the treaty that was set to destroy the nation was signed in 1914. It was the treaty that bound the Nigerians together. It was called the “Amalgamation.”


Before the period of amalgamation, everyone knew that the Yorubas were the leading tribe in the educational sector, and to date, the Yorubas never deviate in line. The Igbos are known strictly for business, but one thing about the Hausa/Fulani is that they are meant to be predominant farmers. It could have been better if they were meant to be farmers, but we were told that most Hausas never teach children good morals from a young age; they don’t believe in education but are known as religious fanatics, which means the education that is supposed to be the key to a good life and moral understanding is what they reject and instead choose to be an Almagiri (Meaning worthless).

See The Tribe That Is Destroying The Peace Of Nigeria, The Evil They Have Done And How To Stop Them

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That is why it was so easy for Muhammed Yusuf to gather them for his purposes, which is Boko Haram’s origin in Nigeria.

If one looks at all the places where there is a crisis in Nigeria today, all these useless Almagiri are the weapons that the so-called Hausa Political bigwigs use.

We must not deny that the Yorubas and Igbo were the primary actors in the struggle for Nigeria’s liberation from white rule, implying that the Hausa/Fulani played little or no role in supremacy and that they now seek power by any means necessary.

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It would be better if they only wanted power; they want to impose that evil weapon known as Islamic religion on every Nigerian; will that ever happen? I know you would reject that, but don’t just reject it; fight against it.

The truth is that Muhammad Buhari plans to destroy everything in the country, which is why nothing works anymore in Nigeria. His regime has brought drought and serious hardship, and he wants to end the nefarious religion.


All that is happening now is what proves it’s the plan. Whenever there is a crisis in any part of the country, you will see soldiers and police supporting them.

See The Tribe That Is Destroying The Peace Of Nigeria, The Evil They Have Done And How To Stop Them

Some days back, the crisis that ensued at Alaba narrates it all as Hausa boys were destroying things and even cars. The soldiers and police stood behind them.

If you recall everything that happened in Gangan, where the OPC was brave enough to apprehend the Fulani terrorist, Wakili, the OPC has been detained until now, and Wakili, the notorious murderer, has been given a bailable offense.

These are some of the evil tribes of Hausa/Fulani have done in this country.

Presently, they attacked and killed students in Anambra. They invaded Ebonyi and killed the indigenes. They are abducting people in all parts of the country and collecting ransom. They are now calling themselves bandits that are entitled to amnesty.


If any right thought could look closely into the abyss of this matter, he would see that Fulani are the tribes disturbing the peace of Nigeria. There is one fact about them. They are not a major tribe, but they are using the opportunity provided by Buhari to force themselves to be one. All of the killings going on in Nigeria are their work because they want to force everyone to be their slave, so as good Nigerians, the only solution to their menaces is to stay away from them. As good Nigerians seek secession, you must support them wherever you are.