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Relationship Between Ada Jesus Who Just Passed Away and Rita Edochie – Storyline



Relationship Between Ada Jesus Who Just Passed Away and Rita Edochie – Storyline 

Rita Edochie’s relationship with Ada Jesus took her to the forefront of controversy and may have harmed her reputation in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Ada Jesus, a twenty-three-year-old IMO base comedian, died on Wednesday, April 21, 2021, a week after Rita Edochie wished her death. For a year, the young mother of one had been fighting a kidney-related illness.

When her situation deteriorated, her family took her to the church of pro-Chukwuemeka Odumeje to request forgiveness from the pastor and Rita Edochie.

Ada Jesus Rita Edochie Relationship Odumeje

The young mother of one had been battling with a kidney-related disease for a year. When the condition worsened, her family took her to pro-Chukwuemeka Odumeje’s church to seek the forgiveness of the pastor and Rita Edochie

In passed Apology Video Rita Edochie quote

“Ada jesus Insulted me, insulted my home, family my whole family insulted, my great prophet.”


“If you want to get up from this sickness, you must get those people that I told you to bring and you must bring them, when you bring them, you will get up. But if you don’t bring them you will go from here.” Rita Edochie’s statement to Ada Jesus a week before her death.

In a summary of what Rita Edochie quote

Instead, the actress vehemently refused; rather, she wished her death for all the false accusations she leveled against her. Rita Edochie, however, a few days later, forgave Ada Jesus.

Still, her initial words to the late comedian seemingly came to pass as Ada Jeusu passed away while receiving treatment in an Abuja hospital.

Following her death, the veteran actress came under fire, and Nigerians on social media continue to suspect her of being involved in the young comedian’s untimely death. Her failure to post a condolence message for Ada Jesus and her family has fueled more outrage among Nigerians.

So, who exactly is Rita Edochie? Is the Nollywood actress really responsible for Ada Jesus’ death?


Who is Rita Edochie?

Rita Edochie is a veteran Nollywood actress, Producer, Model, TV Host, Politician, and humanitarian. She’s a famous face in the movie industry and has won several awards for acting, talent, and a contribution to the growth of the Nigerian filmmaking industry. She is well known for playing the mother role in movies and her ability to cry effortlessly.

Ada Jesus Rita Edochie Relationship Odumeje

Rita Edochie

She started her career in the 90s long before establishing the non-structured Nollywood to her credit; she has starred in over 300 Nollywood movies to date.

The 56-year-old hails from Anambra state. She was born and raised in Onitsha, the commercial city of the state; she holds her first degree in mass communication from Nnamdi Azikiwe university Akwa Ibom.

She is the sister-in-law of the legendary actor Pete Edochie and is married to his younger brother Tony Edochie. Also, she is a mother of four children and a grandmother. Due to her humanitarian works, Rita Edochie was confused with the ambassador for peace award by the universal peace federation in Nigeria in 2016.

Unlike many other colleagues in the Nigerian filmmaking industry, Rita’s career has been scandal-free. Sadly this reputation of her changed in 2019 following her affiliation with controversial pastor Odumeje, advocacy for Donald trump’s re-election as US president, which met with a lot of disdain from Nigerians.


Rita Edochie is a well-known follower of Odumeje and has been a member of his Church Mountain of the Holy Ghost Intervention and the deliverance ministry. From pictures and videos of them together, ever an ignorant person would easily decipher that they are very close.

She occasionally posts except for his teachings on social media and fondly refers to him as a great prophet. Sadly due to Odumeje’s controversial personality and questions about the source of his wealth. Rita Edochie has attracted the criticism of Nigerians for being of his followers.

Ada Jesus Rita Edochie Relationship Odumeje

Late Ada Jesus and Rita Edochie

Yet the actress remained unperturbed; Sadly, after she made friends with the late comedian Ada Jesus her affiliation with Odumeje came back to bite her heart.

In 2019 Rita Edochie became a friend to Ada Jesus; This was also the year the late comedian became a member of Odumeje’s church.

It is believed that their relationship started after they met during one of the church services. The comedian gradually became very close to the veteran actress, “wishing her a happy mother’s day,” She often addressed Rita Edochie as a second mother.

According to the late Ada Jesus, “She loved Rita for giving her a thousand reasons to work hard and make it in the entertainment industry.” When Ada Jesus began working on an acting prowess, Rita Edochie became a mentor and started prepping her for Nollywood.

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Sadly the mother-daughter relationship fell apart in 2020.

After the late Ada, Jesus started making shocking accusations about Rita Edochie and Odumeje in several videos she shared online.

Ada Jesus alleged that “Rita and Odumeje were conniving together to stage-manage miracles in his church” She said, “they hire people willing to fake ailment and claim they are healed after Odumeje performs a deliverance on them. Ada reviewed she became privy to this secret after paying her to recruit people, which she did a few times.

After Ada, Jesus began to have issues with Odumeje when he wanted to heal her illness, but he accused her of several things, including insulting his shoes.

Late Ada Jesus said in his video, “He didn’t pray for me, he was telling me about his shoes.”

Ada Jesus Rita Edochie Relationship Odumeje

Late Ada Jesus and odumeje

Dupe 25 million nairas from his friend and other ridiculous allegations. To our amazement, Rita Edochie sided with Odumeje.

That was when the late comedian decided something more was going on between the duo and accused Rita Edochie of having an affair with Odumeje. The cheating allegation affected Rita Edochie’s marriage and family, and as you can imagine, things escalated from there.

A month after she made these shocking allegations, Ada Jesus became seriously ill despite an everyday struggle for better health and was diagnosed with a kidney-related disease.

Her entire body began swelling uncontrollably, and within a short time frame, she became paralyzed, and Ada Jesus was a wheelchair user. After receiving medical treatment for a month without showing signs of recovery, her husband visited Rita Edochie on set in Imo state, knelt beggar to forgive his wife, but Rita refused.

Ada Jesus Rita Edochie Relationship Odumeje

Late Ada Jesus and Rita Edochie

Rita Edochie quote

“The husband came to me in Imo state where I was filming. He knelt down and was begging, please forgive Ada, I said I will not forgive Ada she insulted me, insulted my whole family, insulted my great prophet.”

Ada Jesus’ family again took her to Odumeje’s church to beg forgiveness so that their daughter can be healed, but Rita refused to forgive her yet again. Asking her to provide those Ada Jesus said she bought for a fake miracle.

Following heavy criticism from Christians, Rita Edochie made a video and said she had forgiven Ada Jesus a few days later.


“A lot of people called me from every part of the world, asking me to forgive her because I said I will not forgive her. I am here to tell all of you that have forgiven Ada jesus; from my heart of hearts Ada Jesus I have forgiven you.”

But as the saying goes, life and death are in the power of the tongue. Her initial wish came to pass, and Ada Jesus passed away on April 21, 2021, when receiving treatment in a hospital in Abuja.

Nigerians have since been pointing accusing fingers at the popular Nollywood actress. Aggressive by the untimely death of the young comedian, Nigerians believe that Rita Edochie and Odumeje may have something to do with her death.

On the other hand, some other Nigerians believe Rita Edochie distracted the parents of Ada Jesus from seeking early medical treatment for their daughter, indirectly causing her death.

Shockingly Rita Edochie is yet to post any condolence message to the deceased family comedian; Instead, she posted a cryptic message using a Kanye west video with a caption Jesus is lord she posted.



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A post shared by Rita Edochie (@ritaedochie)

A minute later, she posted a pastor preaching that people shouldn’t sleep at night because that is when destinies are stolen. She wrote in capital letters and said,



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A post shared by Rita Edochie (@ritaedochie)

Other exciting videos followed with no condolences to Ada Jesus’ family or acknowledging the death of the 23-year-old comedian who once called her mother. When this came to the notice of some social media users, they insinuated it is because Rita is happy about Ada Jesus’s death. They also threatened to stop watching movies she filmed and urged producers not to cast her. But Rita, having none of it unapologetically, reviewed that she’s currently on set in Imo state filming a new movie.

Would you say Rita Edochie’s reaction so far is a stubble admission of guilt? Are you surprised despite saying that she forgave Ada Jesus? She didn’t extend condolences after her death. Do you think she doesn’t deserve all the insult being dished at her regarding Ada Jesus’s death?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. If you found this article informative, please do share with your friend.