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Oluwo Of Iwo Has Finally Plunge His People Into Serious Trouble As Fulani Herdsmen Invaded The land, See How Iwo Youths Are Clamouring For Help ( Video)



There is a saying in the Yoruba Cosmology it says: ” Kangun Kangun Kangun A kangun Si Bi Kan” meaning a time is coming that abnormalities will surely have a reward.

Oluwo Of Iwo Has Finally Plunge His People Into Serious Trouble As Fulani Herdsmen Invaded The land, See How Iwo Youths Are Clamouring For Help ( Video)
So is the story of the Oluwo Iwo of Iwoland who has been looking for cheap popularity in Nigeria, and now instead of him gaining fame with prestige all he earns is fame with deformity.

Ever since this man became king, there have been different series of misbehavior which he manifested amidst the populace, and it seemed something is going amiss about him.

This same man had demoted a high chief of the Iwo chieftaincy council, Chief Ogundokun on an account of gross Insubordination, when the journalist consulted the said chief, he cited some irreconcilable differences that were between him and the king, and since then, Ogundokun has abdicated the palace and maintain his dignity by staying in his abode.

Who Is Chief Ogundokun To Oluwo

Recall that Ogundokun is the kingmaker, he was the one who sponsored Oluwo of Iwo journey from Canada back home; he sponsored him to demanded his kingship rights; he also spent money on his enthronements rights but in the end what the old man earned was the dethronement of his chieftaincy title which had been conferred on him even when Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdul Rasheed Akanbi was still a teenager.



Oluwo Estranged Wife With Ancestral Crown Oluwo of Iwo

Oluwo Estranged Wife With Ancestral Crown

Be that as it may, no one could be determined what has transpired between them, but Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi Telu 1, misconduct has reached its peak, he was seen misbehaving like a loco dog that defies the command of its master.
Let me bring back his misbehaviors, he instructed his Canadian queen to make use of the crown, just imagine the ancient crown that is forbidden for women to access!
He thrashes a fellow king because the king was under his province, he left the Yorubaland to ally with the Fulani people, at the end he repudiates the title of Kabiesi to Emir, now he wants to pronounce the Iwoland an emirate.
He has forgotten what happened between Afonja and Janta Alimi; he has forgotten that no matter how you allied with Fulani they will end up betraying.

The Emir Of Iwoland Oluwo of Iwo Oluwo of Iwo

The Emir Of Iwoland

What Oluwo Wants From The Fulani

Oluwo has been propagating alliances with Fulani because they have promised him some humongous amount of money to run his kingship, the question is that, is there no money for the Yorubaland, and must he ally with Fulani before he can acquire his wealth?

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What is now the result of his alliance?

At present, different Fulani have invaded Iwo land, it would have been better if they maintain their privilege but there is an adage In Yorubaland which says whoever will sleep on the bare floor, if you put him on the bed, he will surely jump down from it.

What they do now in Iwo is that they have resumed with their menaces, they have been attacking the Iwo people; they have started to waylaid people; some people have been deprived of their belongings such as phones, Money, and bikes.
According to the youths who apprehended some of them, they said those that were captured are chanting the popular song which is ” It’s Oluwo that invited us to this land.”

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We did not argue about that, because the avaricious king truly did what they claimed, but does that says they should start constituting a nuisance, which means the crime that they were accused of in different Nigerian community is what they are guilty of.
Now, who will deliver the Iwo People from the hand of the Fulani herdsmen? I want Nigerians to know that if these Fulani herdsmen that were capture are murdered or severely beaten that means Iwo youths should prepare for war.


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