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IPOB Warns EBUBEGU Recruiters – If You Spy On ESN Prepare To Join Your Ancestors 



The Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, has cautioned Igbo youths to maintain their distance in the EBUBEAGU regional safety outfit spanned by southeast governors when its purpose was to spy pro-Biafra groups.


IPOB – Protester

All five sunken governors had following their assembly along with other Igbo stakeholders in Owerri on Sunday, announced the creation of this outfit to help suppress insecurity at the zone.

However, IPOB, in a statement Tuesday with its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, resisted the ensemble, stating the institution of some other security outfit at the zone is unnecessary.

IPOB explained that the Eastern Security, Network ESN, set up in December 2020 with its Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was sufficient and living up to expectations. Following IPOB, the activity of the governors is quite belated and questionable.

The announcement read in part:
How do you establish a safety outfit without initially assembling the employees and arming them? When Amotekun was shaped, it wasn’t subjective; the employees and their gear were handy. When our chief drifted the gallant Eastern Security Network, ESN, the guys were on the floor.


How then did southeast Governors declare a security outfit with no employees, or were they under some strain to make the statement later years of foot-dragging and deceit?

But whether they had been under any influence, we wish to remind them there isn’t any demand for them to form the following safety outfit in our territory since we’ve got our powerful ESN.

They awakened from their slumber relatively too late. We’ve gone beyond that point unless they’re on a mission to undermine ESN.
Any other security outfit made in South East will wreck since ESN is on the floor and living up to expectations.

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ESN was floated dependent on our folks’ clamour, and they’ve thrown their support behind the outfit. Forming another regional safety outfit is questionable, and of course, waste.

The governors neglected our people when they had their security. It is already late! “Biafrans won’t be fooled with this supposed EBUBEAGU safety outfit that’s a massive joke.


Southeast governors prepare the outfit likely to meet all righteousness or spy ESN to curry favor from their Fulani slavemasters.
The statement warned of dire consequences for anybody linking the EBUBEAGU outfit with the intent of spying on ESN.

We, therefore, warn our youths to have nothing to do with all the so-called Ebubeagu safety outfit that was formed to undermine IPOB and ESN.

Anyone who fails this warning and believes he can hide beneath the cloak of EBUBEAGU to spy ESN ought to be well prepared to join his ancestors.

The security of Biafrans is our priority, and we’re ready to sacrifice anything to accomplish this.