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How Buhari Is Living The Expensive Life Nigerians Rejected For Goodluck Jonathan



Every Nigerians, both old and young, can reminisce the era of Goodluck Jonathan; we could reminisce how we fought him to his face that he is the source of bad luck in our country, we tell him to his face that he should go that all we want is change.

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Little did we know that his successor, Muhammad Buhari will bring more ill-luck to us than good luck.

Let us ponder how it was during the era of Good luck, Jonathan; when everything was accessible to buy and reach; when Nigeria was flowing with money, there was massive redundancy, but we live amidst sufficiency.

Now, what is the outcome of the change that we clamored? Buhari brought us to famine, and yet he did not feel any remorse; it so obvious to see that the only worst administration ever is the Buhari-led administration.


In 1983 when he was the head of state, he brought austerity; in 2015, it brought recession, worst still, he never thinks of the way forward; all we could hear him enunciate is borrow the humongous amount of money from foreign countries.

We need not blame the blind man who fell into the gutter, but we needed to blame the boy who led him and left him to jump the gutter by himself. Buhari may be adamant and very reticent in his policy. Still, how about his sidemen, the so-called bigwigs who supposed to give the very much advice, people like Lai Muhammed, Garba Shehu, Femi Adesina, and even the so-called veep, Yemi Osinbajo? All these men are just there with him like a puppet, no one to talk to him, simply because they are afraid to be killed like a fowl.

How Buhari Is Living The Expensive Life Nigerians Rejected For Goodluck Jonathan - yoruba nation

Muhammed Buhari

Why Is Buhari To Be Blame?

Buhari is an absolute failure, and it is so disappointing that Nigerians voted him in, in 2015. His vote was free and fair, no rigging, no buying of the vote, and no any sort of election misappropriation, all because the Nigerians want change.

But how disappointing is the Buhari-led administration?

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How are we blaming ourselves for voting him in?


During the global pandemic, Buhari failed to order the International Airport’s closure just because he wants his daughters to enter the country. Immediately after his daughter’s return, the airport was sealed; by then, the pandemic has become an epidemic, myriads Nigeria began to die, and there was no provision for the carriers.

Eventually, the national luck down was announced, and droughts visit the land. People were searching vigorously for sustenance, but what we see is that Buhari purposely resolved to add salt to injury by sharing money and foodstuffs to northerners; he claimed the southerners and those in the east are richer than those in the north.

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That was when his sickness started; if not for his abnormal mental health, he would not have given such a harsh response to the Southerners and Easterners.

How his Living The Expensive Life Nigerians Rejected For Goodluck Jonathan

How Buhari Is Living The Expensive Life Nigerians Rejected For Goodluck Jonathan - yoruba nation

Goodluck Jonathan

I know that any president who rules and the people extolled him will be remembered forever, and if people denigrate his tenure, he will also be remembered.

Buhari has sowed, and he will reap.
Abacha sowed still lies in the bosom of his families; so is what Obafemi Awolowo, Tunde Idiagbon, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Odumegwu Ojukwu, Bola Ige, Abraham Adesanya, Tai Solarin, Hubert Ogunde, Umar Musa Yar’ Adua, and others sowed as a different meaning. I know what he has sowed will follow him one day.


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During the era of Goodluck Jonathan, he inflated the pump price from 87m Nairas to 140Naira, the Nigerians became ferocious, and there was loud tumult throughout Nigeria for two weeks. In the end, he listens to the voice of Nigerians, and he reverted the price to 97 Naira’s.

Let us asked ourselves how much is the pump price now? Is it not 162m nairas? And no one is ready to talk for fear of being kill.

Jonathan resolved to buy a security jeep worth 400m Nairas we kicked against it, let us ask ourselves the amount of the car Buhari rides.

What is the total sum of debt Nigeria had during the era of Goodluck Jonathan? What is the total debt Buhari would leave before leaving the office? At present, Buhari had a first-class degree in the regime with the highest debt in the history of Nigeria’s presidency.

How Buhari Is Living The Expensive Life Nigerians Rejected For Goodluck Jonathan

Why Is Everyone Afraid To Talk?

There is no denying that Buhari runs the presidency of a higher assassin because his regime is a solicitor of Fulani herdsmen and Miyetti Allah.
Nigerian has now turned into a man killed for no case, but if you mistakenly kill a cow, all your family will go for it.


How Buhari Is Living The Expensive Life Nigerians Rejected For Goodluck Jonathan - yoruba nation

What Will Be The Remedy To His Tenure?

Yoruba Nation agitators
The only solution to his tenure is demand for a referendum. Now the Yorubas are ready to secede while the Igbos to are prepared.
Oodua nation is the solution for the Yorubas, while the Igbos should not relent in the demand and clamor for Biafran.

We should stop deceiving ourselves; there is no gain in the unity of Nigeria. All that Buhari promised are nothing to write about; thus, since Buhari is not ashamed of his failure, the Oodua nation and Biafran will never go back.