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He is dating his niece, and he is sweating 5kg per Game here his short history of Hulk

Built to be an ox and not possible to shrug off the ball due to his sheer power, Hulk lives up to his title with some super-human screens – and like his namesake, he is a really colourful character.



Sometimes people who don’t even get near greatness only control A-List attention.

Givanildo Vieira de Sousa >> better-called Hulk >> is a participant who has got a jaw-dropping amount despite playing for among the game’s elite big-hitters.

The musclebound former Brazil international is ripped as and back in his home state where he won’t wind down gently.

He has never been among the game’s outstanding strikers, but he brings over many of the game’s big stars!


Hulk has generated a two or three along the way – mainly if he chose to keep it in the family back in 2019.

Givanildo Vieira de Sousa - Hulk

Hulk has earned an ‘incredible’ amount of money during his career
(Image credit: Dailystar)

Hulk has made an unbelievable sum of cash during his career.

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Well, whenever you’ve earned getting on for two characters, you’ve to take advantage of it.

We have a good look at the powerhouse protagonist enthusiast that does not seem like calling it a day anytime soon.

Family link

Givanildo Vieira de Sousa - Hulk

He ended things with his wife in 2019 – and his next move shocked fans (Image: Instagram @hulkparaiba)

In 2019, the striker said his 12-year Relationship with spouse Iran Angelo was finished.

More significant than half a year later, he connected with his gorgeous niece Camila Angelo, 31.


Hulk composed on his social media status bio he had been “married” back again.

The loved-up group have posted many pictures sporting what seems like wedding rings.

Argentine newspaper Infobae demonstrated the “surprising union was also because of” the truth that Camila” need a visa to help her stay in the nation (China)”.

Givanildo Vieira de Sousa - Hulk

His shirts get very heavy during matches

Washing his apparel after games can not be a lot of fun.

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Hulk sweats on typical five kilos — about 11lb — in each game he performed because of a healthy state.

Atletico Minerio physio Roberto Chiari advised TV Galo that he must pay careful attention and remain hydrated.


Discussing Hulk’s health state, he explained: “In actuality, the athlete that sweats a lot utilizes the most effective mechanism of dissipating body heat, which can be through sweat.

“This perspiration, when it disappears, enables the athlete to get rid of body warmth in a better manner. Thus, losing weight by dehydrating through perspiration isn’t the issue. It merely requires that people pay more attention to hydration”.

Marking his return

Givanildo Vieira de Sousa - Hulk

The former international is now back in his home country and wanted everyone to know it!

The former global is back in his home state and wanted everybody to know it!

Back in Brazil, the forwards were determined to create sure everybody understood it.

Determined by the Atletico Mineiro top, he marked his return to his native state in a Hulk-like method.


His casual, no appearance barge on Uberlandia midfielder Franco made headlines.

His error? Attempting to muscle power Hulk from the ball, He disgraced himself.

Memes were created as Franco was sprinkled throughout the pitch like somebody who should have known better.

Mind-blowing salary

Givanildo Vieira de Sousa - Hulk

Hulk had been linked to Chelsea and Arsenal but never did get a big move (Image: GETTY)

His career earnings are pretty staggering to get a participant that has not entered the heads of among Europe’s elite clubs.

The 34-year-old’s most high-profile club was Porto, but he never left the move among the game’s large boys despite speculation.


One report said the celebrity’s net worth is currently heading for #80million. That is likely under-selling it.

His bargain in China certainly awakened his retirement fund.

Hulk abandoned Shanghai SIPG following five seasons in January, in which he was stated to be bringing close to #450,000 per week.

Simply maths informs you that it is #23,400,000 annually – times that by five; put in what he got elsewhere for ten decades, and you may suddenly find out why his niece Camila was the intent!