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Due To Fraudulent Statements, Lagos Has Withdrawn A N25 million Donation To An Amputee Trader



Her story drew sympathy, and she was confirmed to have earned N25 million shortly after.

Mary Daniel, an amputee from Oshodi, was also expected to collect N25 million from the Lagos State government, but her claim was later shown to be fraudulent.

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Mary Daniel, an amputee from Oshodi,

Miss Daniel became a social media star after images of her selling water in sachets in Oshodi were shared on social media, and the state government withdrew its donation to her.

She appeared to have lost her leg in a horrific crash when she was 15 years old, in which all of her passengers, including her parents, were killed.

Despite her claims that her leg had been amputated and that her father had disappeared, as well as her claims that she was caring for a small boy and an aged grandma, it was decided that she would not lose her leg in an accident.

“It was so difficult for her to make ends meet that she fell out of classes,” she said.

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The Lagos State government not only provided her with accommodation but also gave her a birthday celebration. Her honeymoon ended the day before yesterday when her father was only living and was born with an amputated foot.

“Her situation has been turned over to authorities from the social services unit to review,” says the statement.

In the presence of the police and some Kogi elders, she was handed over to welfare officers, who reported that her father was still alive.

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According to the report, Miss Daniel had been getting odd calls from people threatening to spill the truth if she did not offer them a share of the profits.

The young woman was brought into the care of social services rather than the force, according to Police Commissioner Hakeem Odumosu.

We found inconsistencies and lies in the story of her life; the police were there, but she was not handed over to us. Her case was turned over to the Department of Social Welfare.

Her parents did not perish in an accident that left her with limb amputation, as she said, and her father is still alive and well. Her mother, on the other hand, was born with an amputated leg.


Those who worked with her took advantage of Nigerian intelligence in order to secure donations for her. There were even reports that her appearance in Oshodi was staged.

She was hoping to move home permanently before the details were leaked. She had pledged N500,000 to certain citizens but received various sums. “I had to tie several police officers to her in order to avoid an assault when she was heading to the bank.”

While our fears that certain individuals would pursue her, things turned out fine because they were not noticed. “At this moment, the state government is preventing her from accessing the funds because they do not want a scenario where people fabricate lies or exploit the public to obtain donations,” Odumosu said.