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Baba Ijesha May Be Free On Friday, According To A Police Source.



Baba Ijesha may be free on Friday, according to a police source.

According to a senior officer in the Lagos State Police Command, Olanrewaju Omiyinka, alias Baba Ijesha, has been ordered freed by a court order.

baba Ijesha free on friday

Baba Ijasha

During the strike, the court stopped sitting, and the defendant could not be held indefinitely without trial, according to the source.

The source, however, requested anonymity because they were investigating a recent accusation against Omiyinka, which showed he had not defiled the girl and that the victim also confirmed as much.

According to the senior police officer, “There was no defilement; they were just expressing themselves due to emotional reasons, not due to rule violations. We interrogated all parties (on Wednesday) for three hours.


“A mother claimed she was defiled at the age of seven and pointed to Baba Ijesha, but the event was not reported until she was 14 years old. The case then became statutory.”

“A CCTV video of this latest incident was evaluated, but there was no evidence of Baba Ijesha defiling her. The video only showed him handling the victim’s body, but it did not capture any contact with her. She even detailed it.”

“He was wronged in an indecent way, not sexually exploited. But will we hold him while his crime is bailed out and there’s no court time? That’s a violation of his human rights. Guidelines were given for bail release.”

However, the source stated that Omiyinka’s bail would not halt the investigation, adding that the command had sought legal advice from the State Ministry of Justice.

“The female was recently tested for penetration, which was detected. Is this evidence already visible now, and who penetrated her? Is there any medical evidence implicating the man (Omiyinka) in the crime?

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CCTV footage never captured Baba Ijesha defiling her, but he admitted touching her body and apologized for doing so.

“A government-approved medical facility has been contacted to administer a survivor medical assessment. As we do not have any expertise in the field, the Ministry of Justice has requested legal advice.”

During an Instagram live show on Wednesday, Adekola Adekanya, aka Princess, recounted the incident.

According to her, during the Instagram live show, “people who were compassionate about her childlessness trusted her to take care of the victim and five other children, and after Omiyinka allegedly defiled the minor, she started acting strangely.”

She said, “The child failed in kindergarten, I charged for private lessons, and when I told my relatives, they told me we should pray, maybe it’s spiritual. Yet I kept hearing something’s wrong, this child’s changed.


“My friend spoke to the child again to see what was going on, she said what happened, I was stunned… I called the CCTV company to set up a monitor; we asked everybody to go out and sit in a neighbor’s home; she (victim) was scared, we said she could calm down…

“He came in and noticed that there was no one at home, and I told him I’d like to see dstv people off, and I’m going to keep long…

Upon leaving, I locked the door, dropped my phone. Two seconds later, he began checking the entire house to ensure no children were sleeping inside.

“I can’t start relaying the stuff he did, I shook because we monitored it on the phone. Police came and picked him up instantly, I asked him, Lanre, what’s my offence? You remember I didn’t give birth and the kids were in my custody, but I won’t think and you did me anything like this? He claimed the demon…”