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An Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu On The Activities Of The IPOB And ESN



Dear Nnamdi Kanu, I hope you’ve seen all the gruesome activities of the Igbo youths, whom you’ve set to act against the law of Nigeria.

IPOB and the ESN, which you create out of the evil plan, are nothing but a treat to the country and their Igbo people.

Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu

What they now do is not different from the activities of Boko Haram and other terrorist organization in the world; no wonder the Nigeria president, Muhammad Buhari, has pronounced them as a terrorist.

It is now apparent that they are genuinely terrorist organizations because all their activities have shown that they are one.


In this my open letter, I will only advise you to speak to them to deviate from the activities before it is too late.

I have only said this because you might not be fully informed about their nefarious activity; that is why I will share some of them with you via this medium.

The lives of the Nigerians that they have wasted are more than what a country can bear. Just recently, they killed 13 Hausa innocent traders. According to a report, they could not manifest remorse over the dreadful act; instead, they killed more and went after the herdsmen’s cows.

It is only someone that is not in Nigeria that would say they are doing this on behalf of their Igbo people. They are not because they are already a treat to their Igor bo people; the video the BBC news pidgin released here proved it.

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In the video, they went to a community in Abagana and started shooting sporadically; at last, they invaded the first bank in the community, oppressed the people in the bank, and hung the Biafran flag at the entrance of the bank, which indicates that they are the one who is responsible for the attack. However, no casualty recorded; they went to Enugukwu to oppress and extort money from people.

Watch the video for details on Facebook

Now, I want you to juxtapose their activities with Boko Haram’s activities and see for yourself if there is any difference.

What is now happening is beyond anyone’s imagination as different gunmen activities are not prevalent in the Eastern states. I do not blame all those police stations’ attacks on them, but they might be having links with it.

Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu

Consequently, I will directly beseech you their founder to call them to order before the Nigerian law catches up with them.


There is the fact that the Nigerian president, Muhammad Buhari, is very lenient with the citizens; If not for his mild heart in dealing with such matters, he would have embarked on the law of capital punishment for anyone guilty of such activities.

Nevertheless, they must be a call to order because what the Nigerian president might decide may be more challenging if they fail to stop the malicious activities.