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52 Northern groups Call On The United Nations And Others to Support Biafra Agitation



On Monday, it was announced that 52 northern groups had called upon the international community to intervene in persuading Nigeria’s government and the United Nations to facilitate the realization of Biafran dreams.

biafrans 52 Northern groups Call On The United Nations And Others to Support Biafra Agitation

Despite the President’s empty threats and promises, the CNG said: “that over 970 students were abducted from their schools in the Northern region of Nigeria between December 2020 and April 2021, many of whom are still in captivity, and some have been violently executed.”

In an emergency meeting in Abuja, CNG spokesperson Abdul-Azeez Suleiman expressed the group’s views.

His contention is that Northern Nigeria has never experienced such high levels of crime and banditry under Buhari’s regime.


“At this time, the CNG resolves to call on our friends and the international community, especially the United Kingdom, to recognize that our bilateral relationship is governed by the values of sovereignty, promotion of peace, and the norms that govern legitimate intervention,” he said.

Accordingly, their presence, exclamations, and behavior should not be interpreted as undermining Nigeria’s efforts to protect civilians from abuse and terror.

“Our final request is that the financial community intervene in convincing the Nigerian government and the United Nations that the Igbo have the right to claim the Biafran dream.

“As a matter of fact, a destabilized Nigeria will no doubt threaten the peace and security of the entire sub-Saharan region.”

“In the South, gangs of armed IPOB militia, violent secessionists, and a variety of militant groups seem to sense a huge vacuum in the Federal Government’s capacity and political will to challenge them, which they exploit with disastrous consequences for the nation’s security assets, especially northern communities and individuals living as minorities in the South while the president is in office.”

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But the CNG criticized the Indigenous People of Biafra, saying it had taken on a “more ominous and repulsive form and context with open declarations of violence and anarchy against other parts of Nigeria.”