100 Years Old Veteran’s – Surprised The World With His Wedding

100 Years Old Veteran’s – Surprised The World With His Wedding. He was 100 years old; born in 1920; he has been eating raw meat ever since he was born; he is a veteran; he fought in the second world war. He had experienced slavery before it was abolished; his wedding shocked Everyone.

100 Years Old Veteran's - Surprised The World With His Wedding raw meat
100 Years Old Veteran’s Man and his new wife

Why do you like eating raw meat? – 100 Years Old Veteran’s

“Yes, I was raised to be eating raw meat, says the older man; a long time ago, we had no knives; you could get a goat in its shoulders and tear it down into pies with your own hands.”

“Since 2004 I’ve been using this knife of mine, showing people how to eat raw meat because when you fry such, it loses its vitamins.”

100 Years Old Veteran’s – How long have you spent without being sick?

“Well, it’s been a long time without being sick; for the past 100 years that I have been living, there was one time that I got sick that was in my twenty’s, and my father gave me fermented alcohol. I drank it once for the second time. I was fine from that day. I have never suffered any disease, whether malaria, diarrhea, or any earth sickness. As you can see, I’m still strong.”

During your First hunting, which animal did you prefer Killing? – 100 Years Old Veteran’s

“Killing no, I did not kill my first hunt; it was a gazelle. I caught it with my own hands; I ran after it from here to neighborhood country until I catch it, but it’s one of the fastest animals; I was a bit faster.
The gazelle ran to a bunch of bushes. I followed it there, pulled it with my legs, and the gazelle turned to bite; I stung the first bite before it dies, and by then, you would not even wait cooking it. I did remove the intestines then enjoy it up, but now I still do the same I can’t waste my meal cooking the vitamins away; I have to eat the raw meat.”

What’s can you tell us about second world war two? – 100 Years Old Veteran’s

“It started when I was grazing my cows in the field in the southern part of the country. Whites came and called me, trying to escape and run away, they ran after me and caught me then punched me twice in the shoulders. I had no other choice rather than follow them, and they took me to a crowd of many people which included Tanzanians, Burundians, Kenya, Nigerian most Africans.
We traveled miles and miles, walked through valleys, climb mountains, swim in rivers and lakes, all barefoot to South African.”

“When we reach South African were are put in chains and given burden; if you weighed 40 kilograms, you had to carry 100 kilograms on your head; we are chained in five groups. If one of us mistake falls or slips, the person is stroking until death. They had a metallic stick that had thorns it would wrap up your whole body and take off your skin.
We were forcibly transported across the middle passage to serve as slaves in the new world; Life about the slave ship was unbearable and dangerous. Nearly more slaves would perish on that journey across the Atlantic.”

“During the journey, we do not know where we are heading, we were following the orders of our masters, and lastly, we found ourselves in China.”

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“We were going to war, yet we never knew what a gun or a bullet was by that time though it was during the second world war. We did on the battlefield to carry the luggage of our masters, including weapons and their food, yet we only eat once a day. We were never trained to fight; we never fought on the battlefield. we could watch them fight from the nearby hill, but sometimes a bullet would come from nowhere straight to your head, and you’re gone”

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There were even no barriers; once you got hit by a bullet, everyone move on; who cares; for God’s mercy, I came out alive. from china, we were put in airplanes. Back in South Africa, we are classified according to our nationalities. We were brought back to our countries.

I was shot at the left-back of my leg during the local war in 1963 when we were fighting. I heard a bow and a spare on the battlefield, and my rival had a gun; when I was getting ready to shoot my arrow, I saw someone charging his gun and then bent down. He shot my leg when he who shot me thought I was already dead; I crawl out of the battle to a nearby bush, and I used hubs for treatment am not like everyone who takes pills every time they are sick.

during those days when we were soldiers at our time, we fought with arrows and spares; you must make sure you’re in good condition calculate the enemy at the right time by throwing the spear
at them

100 years old veterans wedding shocked the world old man raw demo staring how he fight raw meat
100 years old veterans demo staring how he fights

Somedays, I have to hurt by myself and ambush the enemy, then strike with my knife on the enemy’s neck; that’s how we fought our battles.

These days people can dress anyhow; a long time ago will cover all our bodies but now people are moving around with open cloth on the streets
and you can find a mother showing off.

Today is your wedding day; wedding day will come and go but may your love forever grow best wishes on this beautiful journey.

How did you meet your Lady? – 100 Years Old Veteran’s

“This Lady I once drunk for three days; the next day, I had hung over; I met her and told her to get me more beers. Instead of getting me a beer, she prepared me soup and brought it in a bowl, so I drank soup and felt better. She returned to her place, and I remained home drinking more beer; I kept thinking about her. After three days, at around 2 pm, she passed; I recruited her and invited her to come to my house at 6 pm, so she accepted my invitation.”

100 Years Old Veteran's - Surprised The World With His Wedding raw meat
100 years old veteran and his wife

“Since my first wife had died in 1959, when I had fled with my wife and four children to Burundi, three girls and one boy, my wife, my dad, and my mother were bound in the house.”

“Ever since then, I had never met any woman since fleeing to Burundi. As long as it was prohibited during the war against Idiamini, meeting a woman was prohibited. During the liberation war that starts in 1990 here in Rwanda, it was also prohibited.”

“I had never had $*ex ever since until I met this Lady in 2011. Because on the past years, serving in the army, all those years my cucumber had slept, it did not even react.”

“So when I invited her we shared a drink and boom I started t0uching her, and later on, I told her why don’t you stay tonight, and she agreed so from that night we have been living together, I could not let her go
and she also enjoyed, and we’ve been together ever since and today am turning 100 years

“I’m 100 years old and she 47, but she loves me; I am putting this ring on your hand, which means love; I will love you forever, and we shall cooperate in everything; I will live with you forever.”
“Don’t you see it’s good we will be together forever and ever?”

As you celebrating 100 years old, what’s are you thankful for?

I’m happy today. I will dedicate my happiness to this beautiful wife reaching this milestone; let me say it’s not easy, I am still strong.

What is the secret that makes you Reach this Age and muscular this way?

By God’s grace, first and second these foods people eat nowadays are the ones that cause different diseases. I urge everyone to eat fresh food and fresh fruits.

A birthday is a time for celebration. It is a time to celebrate the life of someone special. It is to you by getting love, joy, and loss of happiness on your big day; happy birthday from all of us OLASMEDIATV.

Life is short; be silly, have fun, love people who treat you right, forget who don’t.

Believe everything happens for a purpose and seek that purpose. Thank you for reading my article

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