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100 birds Electrocuted in Spain – Energy Giant Firm Sued



Barcelona prosecutors have filed a lawsuit against energy giant Endesa for the deaths of countless birds ravaged with its high-wire power lines, court records reveal.

100 birds Electrocuted in Spain - Energy Giant Firm Sued

credit: Alamy

According to the suit, a copy of which was seen by AFP on Wednesday, prosecutors are devoting the usefulness for offences against the wildlife and environment for failing to adequately insulate its power cables and pylons, making”a death trap” for birds.

Electrocution occurs when birds reach two wires at one time or when they float to a conductive pylon while at the same time touching a cable.

In their complaint, prosecutors stated 255 birds perished in the Osona area north of Barcelona between 2018 and 2020, including protected species like white storks, griffon vultures, short-toed eagles, and buzzards.

“The electrocution and death of birds because of direct contact with an exposed conductor on pylons possessed by the suspect has influenced the entire state of Barcelona, constituting a veritable plague,” the complaint reads.


According to AFP, Endesa wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Pros state electrocution on power lines is a significant threat to a lot of wild birds, especially endangered species which use pylons as perches.

According to the suit, Endesa had”not taken steps to fix the affected (components ) that fail to abide by the security measures… deliberately dismissing and ignoring its own legal duties to avoid injury to the environment”.

Back in August 2018, 72 white storks expired over three times after the flock of 700 ceased in the region whilst migrating south in an episode involving 34 pylons possessed by Endesa,” that hadn’t been insulated by the firm” since it was lawfully required to perform, it stated.

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Despite repeated legal requirements, Endesa, a subsidiary of the energy giant Enel, had neglected to tackle the essential action to repair the pylons to prevent” the continuing, clear and preventable death of critters at the Barcelona region”, it stated.


In accordance to some 2010 studies by specialists at Barcelona University, the very damaging pylons are people with connectors or wires over the cross-arms which are in habitats in which there are not many all-natural areas for the birds to perch.