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Valentine’s Day: If he buys you Flowers You Buy Him Grass – Cadi B



A new tweet from Cardi B saying, men also justify pampered with valentine’s day gifts on Val’s Day informs other women’s on her Twitter page.
She also quotes that if he buys you flowers on Val’s Day, you should buy him grass. Men’s gift must be less expensive than that of a lady’s talent.

cardi b
After Cardi B’s tweet, this is the hilarious comment she got.
Below are Cardi B’s tweet and replay

Replying to @iamcardib
So if a man buys a girl a new Mercedes, what gift should he expect?

Replying to @iamcardib
Can’t we just let females have Valentine’s Day! Everything always has to be about niggas

Replying to @iamcardib
Valentine’s Day is for women!!! -Ladies, make him feel special another day another time. Also, match his effort when you do decide to show love

Replying to @iamcardib
Imagine telling this to a gay couple. They’re not supposed to celebrate love bc they’re both men? Gross intolerance on your part.


Replying to @iamcardib
Nigerian guys come and see oooo…. Na elephant grass I go give any man wey buy me flowers.

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