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Pause, Stop, Think And Act Immediately

Sometimes, you need to stop and think about life and how you can improve upon yourself.



Stop, Think And Take Action Immediately.

These days, I think a lot about life and its mysteries, discoveries, plunges, depths, widths, heights and lengths. I am still on it. I know God has created human beings and has a purpose for us. As each one of us is going through his or her life journey on earth, there are some alarming messages of which we need to apply and practice its curbings. In fact, I have noticed that we should beware of brambles in our lives. They are many and varied and ironically come in different forms and fonts. Some are awesome, and others are ugly.

Some can be helpful and useful while others are destructive and constitute a nuisance for our life. Decipher the right ones and live by them. Remember they are many and varied and cannot be easily discovered since they can be cunningly dissimilated. I have experienced this last week on my Facebook group.

Stop, Think And Take Action Immediately.

Fortunately, anything that captivates you cultivates you. We all have a gift, but our attitude fights giftings because what inspires you, instructs you.

Another thing that caught my attention is that value is measured by what you are willing to spend for something.
If you make yourself valuable and indispensable, people will notice it through your deeds and actions.

So ask yourself, what’s so special about you that the world will miss if you’re not present? What are you bringing on board that people will miss if you not there? Change your character and work towards positivity. Flee away from negativity and pessimistic thinking. Arm yourself with all the positives despite all situational circumstances. Be ready. It would help if you endeavoured to a breakthrough in a positive way. Halt following these stupid so-called friends and get comrades who are positively spirited. Quit following these losers and grow up dear.

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This is another thing that marvelled my mind. You dress the way you want to be addressed. Behave the way you want people to honour you, and you will be gain that respect and honour you were fighting for.


People think that it is only, fights, insults, war, menaces and other violent means that will bring them respect, honour and glory. To them, I say no. You don’t need to deploy all those armadas. It is about your words, your seeds and deeds. People will subjugate to you today, but tomorrow, they may not. Your power may fade off, and you will lose your affluence and influence. Do the way you perceive yourself, the same way, people will perceive you. The way you impose yourself, the same way, people will give you the needed attention.

These are my thoughts, reflections and ideas. You are free to take them or not. Bear in mind, it’s just my observations and has decided to share them to those who want to see a positive change in their lives.

Thanks for reading.