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Myanmar Coup: Joe Biden Imposes Sanction On Military Leaders



Following the Myanmar Coup, the President of the United States of America Joe Biden has signed an executive order to sanction the Military Leaders in Myanmar.

The Sanction will not only affect them but also their Family members and Businesses.

Myanmar Coup

The First Sanction that was imposed by Joe Biden Came days after a woman was shot on her head while exercising her right to protest peacefully.

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The United States Governments are also taking steps to block the Military’s access to the 1billion dollars that was held in the US.

The Woman was part of the Protesters that were being dispersed by the Police with the use of Live Ammunition, water cannon and rubber bullets.


Thousands of People have gone out to the street to protest Against the Coup that was organized by the Military which saw the elected government being overthrown in Myanmar (Burna)

Although no cases of death reported, the Police have increased their use of force in stopping the Protesters.

“The people of Burma are making their voices heard and the world is watching,” he said, as he vows to take more actions if the need arises.

“As protests grow, violence against those exerting their democratic rights is unacceptable and we’re going to keep calling it out,” he added.

“We’re also going to impose strong exports controls. We’re freezing US assets that benefit the Burmese government while maintaining our support for health care, civil society groups, and other areas that benefit the people of Burma directly,” he said.

What Started the Myanmar Coup

The Military organized a coup and detained the elected leader on the first of February after Ms Suu Kyi won the election but the opposition party is demanding a rerun.

Myanmar Coup: Joe Biden Imposes Sanction On Military Leaders

The Government’s inability to see to their demand made the Military seize control of power as they now back the opposition party.

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