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TikTok’s New Silhouette Challenge “IN THE SHADOWS” Here Is A Complete Guide About Doing This Challenge

Eager TikTok clients will have seen something refer to as the ‘Silhouette Challenge’ has turned into a web sensation on the application.



TikTok challenges fluctuate in levels of trouble yet fortunately this one is genuinely simple once you know-how to do it.

How would you do the Silhouette Challenge on TikTok?

The Silhouette Challenge is typically somebody presenting before an entryway and afterward unexpectedly transforming into a Silhouette when the lights go off.

This trend has been using the sound of “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” by Paul Anka.

Loads of individuals use Doja Cat’s tune “Freak” in which she test’s Anka’s melody from the 1950s.

There’s a couple of TikTok Silhouette Challenge explainer recordings on the App but the most outstanding amongst others is from a user called @nurseswilling.

Silhouette Challenge

Here’s a demo writing for anyone needing to do the challenge

Their video clarifies how you can discover a Snapchat channel called “Vin rouge” that causes you to make a beautiful Silhouette look without the requirement for unique lighting.


In the video, @nurseswilling clarifies that you open Snapchat, go to filters and afterward click Explore.

At that point look for “Vin rouge”.

At that point prop your telephone up prepared to film, turn off the lights in your room however leave an entryway open to the passage and ensure the foyer lights are on.

You should see on-screen that this makes a Silhouette look. That implies you would then be able to play out your dance or whatever style of TikTok you were wanting to make in this outline structure.

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On the off chance that you’ve made an unexpected difference from typical posture to outline, at that point you’ll have to film the clasps independently as one will require the channel and one won’t.

At that point simply alter them together. This implies you’d film the video outside of the TikTok application. At that point, you’ll have to transfer it to TikTok once done. You could generally attempt similar advances however without a Snapchat channel and put a hued light in your passage.


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