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This Is Why Giving Up Is Not The Best Option For You If You Want To Go Far

Giving up is an option but not the best one



This Is Why Giving Up Is Not The Best Option For You If You Want To Go Far

Yesterday, as I was scrolling through my thoughts, I lamentably noticed that lots of my friends and family are giving up what they have started. I asked myself what could be their reasons for that. Is because they are tired, worn out, extenuated, or discouraged? Is because they are not getting the desired results? Is it because they want it quick and fast? I pondered over all these questions but still, I am not satisfied.

I asked how can they give up the fight at this moment when we are about to cross the finishing line? Are they serious at all? Maybe they are. Maybe they are not. I don’t blame them.

I thought the beginning should rather be difficult, but I regretfully noticed that it is the other way round. The end appears to be more back-breaking. People are tired. They have exhausted their ideas. “But how can they, with all the posts about ideas generation,” I asked. Have they read them? If yes, why will they throw in, and quit?

I then remembered the race we embarked on when we were kids. We would run, run, and when we were tired, we just stopped there. We didn’t mind the finishing line. I also remembered the marathon people take. Some would just stop when they feel not continuing the race and go home. You can testify it, the next time you watch or participate in a marathon race.

What is my point?

This Is Why Giving Up Is Not The Best Option For You If You Want To Go Far.

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I know they might have their reasons which I can’t deny, but is giving up the best solution?

Lots of things are difficult, disappointing, discouraging in life. The brain is constantly absorbing new information and anything difficult is growing the mind. Remember that if you are struggling you are still learning. There is no point in giving up.

No one is born a superstar. If you have a go, you gain the most important thing in life. Always try and try to finish. It builds and strengthens your self-confidence and increases your learning opportunities.

Giving up is an option but might not be the best choice. Note that everyone is unique. So bring your uniqueness on board for other people to buy. Don’t stop. Don’t throw-in. Catch on.

Furthermore, many good things come with practise, determination, experience, guile, and guts. Put your wisdom into action. Just regulate yourself, communicate your intelligence, and position yourself strategically. Happiness will follow.

So the next time you feel like giving up on the good things you have started for any reason, remember that you read a post that says Giving up is an option but the necessary the best one. You may always have the support of someone in your circle. But if you have already given up, please Come back and finish the race. You may be an inspiration for someone next to. You will share your stories one day to motivate the world.

Thanks for reading.