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Powerful Pleasurable Benefits You Can Derive From Reading And Writing

Reading and Writing are very emulating exercises. Give them a try



Dear Readers,

I know you love reading. You are always in search of magazines, newspapers, newsletters, books, articles to read. You are in quest of knowledge. You may agree with me that knowledge is power.

I, too, love writing books, newsletters, articles to edify, inspire, motivate or build up people’s knowledge.

As they say, good writers are good readers.

Let me tell you my story about Powerful, Pleasurable Benefits You Can Derive From Reading And Writing.

Powerful Pleasurable Benefits You Can Derive From Reading And Writing

When I was in my teen years, I liked listening to a radio program tagged “READING IS A PLEASURE.” How I loved that. There was no way I would miss it for any reason at all. I always had created time for it. It tickled, nourished, inspired my mind. I loved this program because it was my penchant for reading, but unfortunately, we didn’t have books in the house. So the only way for me to know what books contained was to listen to someone reading them. I could easily imagine the author, the book cover, and what pushed the writer to jot down his ideas in those bounded papers called books. This situation had sparked my love for reading and writing.


Another situation that pushed me into writing was a letter my brother wrote to me some time ago.

Fifteen years ago, my brother wrote me a thrilling, inspiring long letter as I was saying. I received the letter one cold morning of December at the peak of harmattan. After opening the envelope, I scanned through it quickly and rapidly.
But some words and expressions caught my attention, as well as the tone, the style, and emotions he jotted down in it.
I decided this time to reread it with a calm and peaceful mind. Through each word, I scanned the expression and noticed the level of love, courage, inspiration, and motivation he showed in it.

That day, not only I cried, but I was also happy to receive such a gift.
I quietly but intentionally placed it on my bed.
For one week, I read this letter two or three times a day.
Then the following week, I replied.
I thanked him for sending me such a letter. It was more than sending me money.

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I then realized how powerful words could be. They have a hidden emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing power.

Have you ever felt like that after receiving a letter, reading a book, a piece of paper, a newsletter, an article in a newspaper?

Words can have such a powerful and change people’s life if well crafted and arranged.

From that day I have decided to write. Yes, to pour my ideas, thoughts, inspiration, problems, and solutions into books or articles. I know they can help someone somewhere.


Writing is all about putting words together to inspire, edify and motivate others. It has a hidden emotional, mental, psychological, social healing power, as I said earlier.

Writing can discharge the problems, emotions, thoughts, ideas, and passions you carry in your head.
If you jot them down, you feel like a small light stone disintegrated from a heavy and big quarry ground.

You can revise and polish them to take a usable form like tiles and the likes we use in the construction industry.
As I said initially, my brother’s letter is still with me, and I reread it.

Imagine the joy, the happiness, and the light you can put in someone’s face just by writing a book, a workbook, an article or letter, and so on.

Imagine yourself receiving letters of congratulations, calls, emails from people who have been enlightened by your words. How will you feel?

You can be the next Joshua Medcalf, Wole Soyinka, Zig Ziglar, and the likes.

It is time to write, yes, to turn your ideas, thoughts into a book.


Writing can not continue without readers. Readers can exist without writers. Both are intertwined and interwoven. One can not exist without the other.

Thanks to your Readers

Thank you Writers

Thanks for reading.