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How To Get Up To 1 Bitcoin Freely With Cryptotab Browser



Mining bitcoin has never been made easy with the Cryptotab browser. In this article, I will be telling you all you need to know about the browser and how you can get started.

As it is well known that bitcoin price has gone higher. While many are rushing to buy it for safekeeping, most are not able to afford it due to financial instability. We don’t know what the future of Bitcoin is so it is best we own it now.

How To Get Up To 1 Bitcoin Freely With Cryptotab Browser


There are many ways in which bitcoin can be mined. It can either be mined through playing games online, performing tasks, watching ads and stuff.

Bitcoin mining while surfing the web is the best because it feels natural. It is natural in the sense that you won’t even know that you are earning by doing what you love every day.

Obviously, everyone uses the web every day but we don’t get anything from it. Cryptotab browser has made it easy for you with its inbuilt Mining which will make you get bitcoin as you browse using the browser.

How to Get Started With Cryptotab Browser

I found out about the app in 2020 then I started using it. I was able to refer 35 People but they were not active. All I wanted was to get to the minimum withdrawal so that I can withdraw my bitcoin to confirm how authentic it is.

How To Get Up To 1 Bitcoin Freely With Cryptotab Browser

Finally, I got to the minimum withdrawal then I requested a withdrawal of 0.00001385 BTC which is around $0.11 then. I got my BTC after 2 days then I was assured that it is real. After that, I stopped Mining.

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As bitcoin’s price Goes higher my BTC wallet balance was also going higher. I decided to check my wallet balance on the 15th of January 2021 then I saw $0.48.

My inconsistency made me miss the great opportunity ahead. Assuming I had continue Mining, I would have gotten up to 1 BTC.

There are 2 types of Cryptotab browser, the pro and the normal one. The pro is faster than the normal Cryptotab browser but it requires you to pay 2-3 dollars for you to be able to download it. Aside from that, you can also download the normal Cryptotab browser but it won’t be as fast as the pro.


After you have downloaded the app, use it as your default browser rather than using Google Chrome or Safari. Ensure you are always active on the app to keep Mining.

Whenever you are not browsing or using your phone, all you have to do is to stay on the app and drop your phone with your internet connection active.

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The fastest way to earn more is by referring your friends to join with your link to build your Mining teams.

The most amazing thing about the app again is that you can mine with different laptops and phones with the same account to earn more.

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