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5 Best iOS Health Apps You Need In Your Life

I searched out the best health apps available and easy to access for iOS users. I narrowed it down to 5 apps, I will tell you a little bit about them and what I like about them. These are the apps that I think are best and deserve your attention in terms of achieving your overall health and fitness goals.



As revealed by the title, today I am going to discuss the 5 best health apps available for iOS users that you need in your everyday life.

It’s challenging because we don’t know what apps we really need and what’s beneficial for us. So, I searched out the best health apps available and easy to access for iOS users. I narrowed it down to 5 apps, I will tell you a little bit about them and what I like about them. These are the apps that I think are best and deserve your attention in terms of achieving your overall health and fitness goals.

I have used almost all of these apps personally and most of them have become a major part of my daily practices. Each and every one of these health apps has helped me improve my overall health.

The 5 health apps are as follows :

1. Water Reminder: The first app that makes my list is called water reminder. You might think it is strange but nowadays not drinking enough water is a common issue. Forty-Three Percent of adults drink less than 4 cups of water daily. Not drinking enough water can have several negative effects on our body, both mentally and physically.

Drinking enough water is like a mini goal nowadays for people because of their work and such busy lifestyles and they very easily forget to drink water. People are finding it hard to remember to drink more water. 

So, I think this is a beneficial app to download. It’s totally free and available on the App Store. This app will modify your water needs based on your gender, age, and work rate. This app will tell you how much water you should strive to drink for the day and the second this that I like is it will remind you as frequently as you want during the day.

Most of us just need that little nudge to remember to drink water. I would highly recommend this app to the ones who are struggling with this problem. 

2. Calm: The second health app on my list is Calm. This app can be very critical for all of us. In fact, it ranks probably higher than any other app on the list. This app focuses on stress management.

Stress no doubt is one of the most faced problems in the world right now. It can make you frustrated, angry, or nervous and these conditions can cause us to make wrong decisions which cost a lot in the end. 

Calm comprises a few different things that it can assist you with. It helps you with different techniques you can utilize within the app. One main feature this app provides is how to meditate. It gives us deep breathing exercises and things to feel less anxious in terms of sound. Struggling to fall asleep is a real challenge that impacts our health, So calm offers us different options we can listen to for example it provides sleep stories to help you feel calm and relaxed. 

This app is not free, you need to pay monthly in order to use all features of the app.

3 – Keep Yoga

 The next app on the list is known as  Keep Yoga. As directed by the name this app provides yoga exercises. 

A lot of us don’t practice yoga, which is one of the most beneficial things for our mind and our body. If you are someone who is not well informed about yoga then this is the right app for you. This health app gives you a set yoga plan that you can download on your phone and follow the exercises. Yoga is not only going to help with different aspects of the physical body but also with your mind. Whether you are super active or not active you can face little problems in your body such as your hip is hurting or your lower back causing you pain. There are a lot of different methods within yoga that can be therapeutic for your body as well as your mind.

 So, check this app out one of the most used health apps out there. This app again is totally free and available on the app store. Highly recommended for yoga lovers.


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4 – Keep Fitness

 The fourth app on my list is more like a fitness-based app known as Keep Fitness. This app can be very helpful for those guys who want to maintain their health or want to lose weight or build muscles etc.

Maybe you don’t have enough money to work with a coach or a personal trainer. This health app provides you so much information at your fingertips. It develops a plan based on your gender, weight, and activity levels. The app will generate some workouts you can do at the gym but also you can manipulate it so you do things at home as well.

I personally just wanted to maintain my health and it developed a plan for me. It gave me some workouts but I also had some days where I was working on flexibility and posture.

So this app can turn out to be very helpful in terms of assisting our health goals. The app is free and available on the app store.

5 – My Fitness Pal

 My Fitness Pal is a food app that tracks your food intake. There are thousands of apps that allow you to track your food intake, water intake, and workouts.

This health app comprises all three features. The reason I find My Fitness Pal superior over all the other ones out there is because it has the largest database for food. So, it will give you the most accurate results and it’s going to be easy to input information because of that reason. 

The app has a free version which definitely gets the job done but also has a premium which gives you some additional features which I don’t think are necessary. It will kind of customize a weight loss plan for you in terms of calories. Fitness Pal is one of the largest food apps it does work with other programs like Fitbit or Apple Watches etc. 

The app is available on the app store and easy to access.

I have used these apps and I am recommending these health apps based on my personal experience. All these apps will play a major role in achieving your health and fitness goals. The good thing is all apps are free and reachable. These apps are for iOS users only. I have chosen these apps because they cover almost every aspect we need to live healthy and fit lives.