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Check Out What Was Taken Out Of A Woman’s Stomach – Not All Women Are Pregnant



Ovarian cyst; Not all pregnant women are pregnant. See what was removed from a woman stomach,

A doctor identified on Twitter as First Doctor has made a record by removing a 32kg Ovarian Cyst from a twenty-four years old woman in Mexico.

Ovarian cyst

It is a thing of joy for a married woman to be pregnant but it is absolutely sorrowful to discover that it is a closed sac that contains some fluid substances. This is known as Ovarian Cyst.

This sac is within the ovary that is, the female reproductive organ.


Although Ovarian Cyst can vanish away within a few months if they do not, it leads to a complicated situation.

There are usually no symptoms for most cases but for other cases, they include pain during intercourse, irregular menstruation and other problem like obesity.

pregnant Ovarian cyst

But people may have no symptoms but may experience back pain, abnormal menstruation.

The treatment of Ovarian Cyst should be a surgical operation which is known as Laparoscopic surgery. Other treatment includes watchful waiting, control of imbalanced hormones.

ovarian 32kg

Your opinion is needed on this topic if you are a woman, what can you do to avoid ‘Ovarian’. Your comment might help someone in need.


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